Younha is participating as a guest judge for Superstar K6


Younha recently recorded her appearance on Superstar K6 as a guest judge for the 3rd round. The first broadcast of this round will be on August 22nd at 11 PM (KST).

Since Younha debuted in Japan, she has had various experiences as a singer. The producers gave sincere advice to the participants to the point of admiration. Younha has a unique relationship with Superstar K, too. She and Superstar K season 5’s ‘Second Younha’ Song Heejin share the same company. That season’s Jung Joon Young, as rumored in the music world, is good friends with her.

[PIC/ALBUM] [PIC] “Yoon JongShinxYounha” Digital Single: ‘BAT GIRL’




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[NEWS] Younha is next up for Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly project in cover art for upcoming digital single ‘Bat Girl’

Yoon Jong Shin got his wish to collaborate with Younha as she is the next singer for his monthly project!

Yoon Jong Shin and Younha worked on the upcoming digital single “Bat Girl" together for Yoon Jong Shin’s project for the month of July which will be released on the 31st. Yoon Jong Shin previously shared his goal of writing a song for Younha and now that wish has been granted with this collaboration!

Check out the album art while you wait for Yoon Jong Shin and Younha’s collaboration song “Bat Girl” on the 31st!


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[NOTE] Younha will be recording a music video for “People´s PV” on August 2nd.

It seems they are looking for one male actor to be in the video, and the deadline to apply for that position is July 30th. 

[NOTE] Younha will take part in the opening ceremony. 2014 Yeosu Expo Up-cycling Campaign Festival

Date: Saturday, August 8th at 6 PM (KST)
Location: Yeosu Expo Marine Park EDG section, Main Stage

[TWITTER] 140724 Twitter - [@younhaholic]: “비 많이 와요! 안전 운전, 안전 귀가 하셔요!”

“It’s raining a lot! Careful driving, please have a safe return!”

<3 So Precious our Younha

[PIC] 140724 Facebook 윤하의 별이 빛나는 밤에 *———————* Long-Haired Youn D


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[PIC] 140713 Facebook: Jy Yoo, Twitter: @wn_XF - Younha at soccer player Lee Chung Yong’s wedding

[PIC] 140702 Facebook: Wisdom For Future Foundation -

노래 ‘우산’으로 화제가 되고 있는 윤하님께서 W-재단의 공익캠페인 홍보대사로 선정되셨습니다. 지구를 사랑하면 행동하라!
“Younha, who has become a hot topic because of her song ‘Umbrella,’ has been chosen to become W-Foundation’s public campaign ambassador. If you love the Earth, take action!”
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[TWITTER] 140723 Twitter - [@younhaholic]: “너무 배가 고파 할 수 없었음… 다이어트 안녕… 그래도 쪼금먹고 용케 젓가락을 놓았다… #잘했다윤하야 @djshaunofficial 작업실에서”

“I couldn’t have been more hungry… Hello diet… Still ate a little and managed to set the chopsticks… #YouDidWellYounha @djshaunofficial at the studio”